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Basic Instinct

Take a moment from the relentless pace of life to stop… listen… and reconnect in a new workshop here at Ockenden Manor

'A flexible body and a flexible mind allows flow, creativity, insight and intuition'

We invite you to join Sal Jefferies, our resident psychotherapist and yogi for a two-hour interative monthly group session that aims to break down instinctual reactions to stress and tap into your inner intuition through a series of exercises for the body and mind.

Basic Instinct starts with simple stretching and breathing exercises to dissolves tightness in the body and induce calm in the mind. This is followed by a series of interactive mental exercises that explore both fixed and growth mindsets, how our mind-body system expresses itself and experiment with an intuitive state of mind. The workshop finishes with guided meditation that clears the mind, leaving you with a more stable physical, mental and emotional core.

Sal has designed this workshop to give you knowledge and a new perspective to proactively build a healthier, more rewarding outlook on life and the ability to better deal with stress - both at work and at home.

What's included?

  • Two-hour interative group session led by Sal
  • Stretching and breathing exercises
  • Interactive mental exercises
  • Guided meditation


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Terms and conditions

Basic Instinct is £45 per person for a group session (minimum 4 people / maximum 8 people) or £159 for a private consultation.

Basic Instinct is 11.30-1.30pm on 27 July, 31 August, 28 September, 26 October and 30 November 2017.

Sessions will be held in the Spa Studio and fitness or loose comfortable clothing is recommended. No previous experience necessary.

Must be booked in advance and subject to availability.